Custom filling and packaging services
n addition to developing and manufacturing, our company also provides third-party filling and packaging services. Our advanced filling and packaging lines will allow you to fill, paste and package solutions of various materials and products according to the customer's requirement while adhering to the hygienic conditions and sterile working environment and in accordance with the strict standards of the company.

Our company will provide you with a wide range of packaging solutions of your choice.
These solutions include bottles, jars etc, accessories such as lids and pumps from local packaging manufacturers, manufacturers and importers from overseas, including label manufacturers and personalized cardboard boxes. As our clients, you will enjoy packaging and design solutions that are accompanied by extensive and professional advice, customization of the type of package to the nature of the product, adjusting production quantities at the packaging supplier, taking into account budget and cost savings.Sharon's Cosmetic Laboratories have proven over the years that a variety of products look unique and "catch your eye" and in our experience, rest assured that your product will stand out through the shelf and look exactly as you wanted it to.
For professional advice and questions
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