SCL Sharon's Cosmetic Laboratories Ltd. is a reputable company for over 20 years by Mr. Sharon Hayon who is considered a renowned formulator and has since been providing research, development and manufacturing of high-quality cosmetic products for international standards to the leading companies in the country. The company accompanies its customers from concept to end product and focuses on the development of high-quality, innovative products to provide value and differentiation according to customer needs. Our company operates primarily under a license from the Israeli Ministry of Health.The company holds the gold standard of the Israeli Standards Institute, which includes three standards among others: ISO 9001, ISO 13485 the Standardand Measures for Medical Supplies, and the GMP ISO-22716 standard, which is the strictest standard for security and adequate manufacturing conditions for cosmetics.



Sharon's Spa has set itself the opportunity to give both men and women the opportunity to enjoy quality products that were not tested on animals, products of natural quality that Mother Earth has given us. The company set a goal to renew constantly with fresh products in the global market.

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  • Personal line products

    Our company has at your disposal an experienced team that will develop and customize your own unique product line according to your requirements and criteria, accompanied by our support team on every issue. We will develop a set of products from our accumulated knowledge in high standards taking into account reasonable and convenient quantities of production. Our company leads the whole process from characterizing the product to packaging and getting the approval from the health ministry.
  • Consultation on licensing procedures and importing cosmetics from abroad

    Our company will help you realize your dream. Always wanted to import cosmetics, but you didnt know how? Our company will give you all the professional information that is needed and will accompany you with the health ministry and all the importing and storing processes.
  • Manufacturing and marketing cosmetics for the professional industry

    Our company is a manufacturer that is constantly researching, developing products on an ongoing basis and keeping up to date with global trends taking place in the grooming, hair and spa world. The company markets a wide range of professional and high-quality work products to most selected cosmetics marketing centers in Israel and schools in the industry.
  • Formulation development and research

    Our company operates under ISO 9001, GMP and AM standard (medical accessories). The company also holds the gold standard of the Israeli Standards Institute. The company specializes in developing formulations according to customer demand and has hundreds of products and brands developed as a solution to a wide range of cosmetic needs and have been successful. The company employs top-notch chemists and formulators who are constantly researching and monitoring innovative trends and trends.