About us

Sharon's Cosmetics Laboratories has started manufacturing a line of products bearing the company's name and at the same time,is developing private labels for various companies and marketing networks. The product range is very wide and varied, it is continuously evolving and is also regularly monitoring global developments in the industry. The products are marketed in Israeland abroad. The company has gained tremendous momentum and the products that have become renowned are: perfume oils based onItalian wonder essences, the self-tanning brand BRONZERME, the leading brand for the treatment of foot and nail problemsDR. CLEAR, the ultimate professional leading pedicure series in Israel, FIT MY FEET, the professional hair rehabilitation series ALFA&OMEGA, the MALICARE facial care and rubber masks seriesand many other brands and products.

We are confident and trust that we will be able to provide you with our rich experience in the field, and can demonstrate to you one of the largest varieties of products in existence for body spa care and body care. The company is constantly developingproducts. Our products are meticulously and carefully handled, frommanufacturing and until packaging. We make no concessions. Everything is in accordancewith strict standards and constant quality control.

Company standards:
Our company is a manufacturing company which operates primarily under a license from the Israeli Ministry of Health.The company holds the gold standard of the Israeli Standards Institute, which includes three standards among others: ISO 9001, the Standardand Measuresfor Medical Supplies, andthe GMP ISO-22716 standard, which is the strictest standard for security and adequate manufacturing conditions for cosmetics.

Company Vision and Objectives:
Sharon's Cosmetic Laboratories has set itself the objective of offering both men and women alike the opportunity to enjoy quality products that have not been tested on animals, products with qualitynatural ingredients that Mother Earth providedus. The companyset itself a goal of constantly innovating with new products, that are being released inthe global market.Our production processes are non-pollutant and aware of environmental needs. Our products are packaged in recyclablebottles, tubes and jars. Our company strives to expose its products to the global market.

Company services:
1. Developing formulas and personalized product lines for customers
Sharon's Cosmetics Laboratories is constantly developing cosmetics under the supervision of the GMP standard, ISO 9001 and the Standard and Measures for Medical Supplies. The company also holds the gold standard of the Israeli Standards Institute.The company specializes in developing formulas according to customer requirements and manufactures personalized product lines (private labels). This is based on the client's needs, with personalized and professionallytailoredadvice, and nonetheless, with very reasonable quantities. Our company leads the entire process, from product characterization, packaging selection and design. and up to obtaining the Ministry of Health license.

2. Consulting services on licensing procedures and the import of cosmetics from abroad
Sharon's Cosmetics Company will help you realize your dream. You always wanted to import cosmetics from abroad but didn'tknow how? Our company will provide you with all of the necessary professional knowledge and advice on all licensing procedures at theMinistry of Health, and on import and storage procedures."

3. Manufacturing and marketing products for the professional cosmetics industry
Sharon's Cosmetics Laboratories is constantly developing cosmetics, pedicure and hair products for theprofessional industry and marketing them to a variety of selected cosmetics marketing centers in Israel and to schools within the industry. The company offers a wide variety of veryhigh quality products, including work products and raw materials for therapists,beauticians, pedicurists and hair stylists

4. Extensive development and production of cosmetics
A. Facial care products
B. Professional hair care products.
C. Natural spa products, ambience products and candles.
D. Body care products.
E. Products for the hospitality industry.
F. Cosmetics for promotional and advertising companies.
G. Manufacturing and export of Dead Sea products.
H. Perfume products and scents/essences.
I. Tanning products.

Uniquivocal benefits for our business customers
1. As a manufacturer, the development and production of cosmetics is done by us and therefore pricing is determined without any intermediation.
2. A wide range of formulas that allow production based on a predefined budget.
3. Development and manufactureof private labels (personal branding) in accordance with the client's requirement, with a profound knowledge of the market and providing .advice and help on our part with marketing and building the brand in the most professional, fast and appropriate way, without running unnecessary risks.
4. Our manufacturing plant works to the highest standards and even holds the gold standard.Production is adjusted on a regular basisand upholds all standards and regulations in Israel and worldwide.
5. Our factory has a research laboratory that is engaged in the continuous development of products in accordance with global and innovative trends. Our best chemists and formulators make sure of keeping abreast of these trends, which is why our customers are granted exposure to unique and innovative production techniques and products.
6. Absolutely reasonable production quantities.

For professional advice and questions
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